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Benefits of the CVI Accelerator

Hi, I'm Steve and my wife's name is Lisa. We heard about the CVI Accelerator from our friend Roger.

Roger had two Accelerators installed on his cars almost a year ago.  FYI: Roger has two cars and a motorcycle.  For the past 6 or more months, he has been constantly bragging about all the wonderful benefits his cars have obtained since having this device installed.  We kept hearing about the better gas mileage and all the improved performance he was getting, because of this device.

Now I took Roger's"bragging" to heart. Why? Because Roger is a car guy! He's always been a car guy and most of his friends are into cars also! 

Now to my situation. I have a 2003 Subaru Outback (4-cylinder). Lisa, my wife, has a 2008 Honda Acura XL (6-cylinder). I purchased a CVI Accelerator-Economy for my car, because it offered better gas consumption. That's my biggest issue. Lisa chose the CVI Accelerator- Performance, because she wanted a little more "get up and go". And to be honest, paying for gasoline a little less often would be a happy change, for both of us!

Now, to me the total cost was relatively "inexpensive".  How can I say that?  I looked at all the benefits

We've received ever since obtaining the devices. We've both been getting better gas mileage. Lisa's very impressed with her car's performance. For example, merging into traffic is quicker & easy.  The better acceleration she experiences comes without any strain on the engine!  I must admit, I've gotten  better performance out of my car - even though I wasn't expecting it! So, we're both thoroughly pleased and excited about our experiences with both of the Inertia Performance's devices!

I'll give you another example. Gary is a co-worker of mine.  He was so impressed with all the wonderful benefits that our car's were achieving, he decided to purchase a device. Gray owns a 2005 Honda Acura (6-cylinder). Now, Gary is a bit of a "doubting Thomas". And he is also from Missouri - "the show me state".

The most memorable situation that comes to mind was very soon after his installation. Gray had gone on a weekend vacation. That Monday morning, he was bragging about how wonderful this product was!

He drove to Ocean City, Maryland and back on one tank of gas. From what I gathered, he normally needs to fill up about half way home (on the return trip).  But not this time! He (also) claimed that the car performed like "new"!   Now, even more than us, he's telling everyone (that will listen) of the benefits of having an CVI-Accelerator on your car, SUV, RV or motorcycle. This is really a GREAT product!!  



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