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Bertram Capital Sells Enthusiasts Auto Holdings To Cortec Group

Bertram Capital recently announced the sale of Enthusiasts Auto Holdings To an affiliate of Cortec Group. Enthusiasts Auto Holdings is a direct-to-enthusiast digital platform with several investments in some of the outstanding brands in the automotive performance industry. The completion of the sales is Bertram's 14th since the firm was launched in 2006. The details of the transaction were kept private.

"Our investment in Enthusiasts Auto Holdings shows Bertram's expertise in developing companies that take the market and facilitate growth. The use of our Bertram High-5 value creation strategy means we always one step ahead thanks to our entire team," said Jeff Drazan, Managing Partner of Bertram Capital. "A huge thanks to Berthram's Consumer Team, led by Tom Beerle, and Ryan Craig. We also want to recognize the Bertram Labs team, led by Jeremy Leng for their work ethics, passion, vision, and results. The work of everyone led to the successful sale of Enthusiasts Auto Holdings."

Enthusiasts Auto Holdings was developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and it has developed in the last couple of years into a key part of the automotive industry. What started out as a family-owned Volkswagen repair shop in Wadsworth, Ohio, grown into one of the biggest specialty e-commerce companies in the industry. Enthusiasts Auto Holdings, designs, produces, and sells proprietary parts and kits for different automative models and Maes. It also partners with several hundreds of brands to give the enthusiast community a first-class customer experience. More than a million people follow Enthusiasts Auto Holdings banner on various social media platforms.

"We've partnered with our founders to build a world-class management team and grow beyond our humble beginnings. We've created an e-commerce market leader that takes customers at heart, and goes above and beyond to offer first-class services to customers," said Ryan Craig, Partner at Bertram Capital. "I want to thank Imran Jooma, who came in as CEO just two years ago and has brought about Enthusiasts Auto Holdings' best performance ever. His leadership, dedication, and expertise were vital in helping us to grow our revenue.

Bertram also extends its gratitude to the investment banking team at BB&T, led by Ryan Mitchell. The banking team managed the transaction process for Enthusiasts Auto Holdings.

"Bertram's vision and operational support most especially with its Bertram Labs team, played a key role in transforming Enthusiasts Auto Holdings," said EAH CEO Imran Jooma. "Their patience backed up by steadfast commitment put us in a favorable position where we can grow rapidly in the foreseeable future."


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