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The CVI accelerator Performance

     My name is Jane.  I'm a 48- year old, divorced, working mother of two teenage boys.  Both boys are very good students and are involved in a number of after school activities.

    A friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful product for my car.  It's called the "CVI Accelerator.   I own a 2018 (4-door) Jeep Renegade.   I have a long commute to work.  If that wasn't enough my two boys keep me quite busy with their after school practices and (sometimes) even weekend activities. 

    As you can imagine one of my biggest expenses (after food and clothing) are these ever rising gas prices.  I needed and wanted something that would help me save money at the pump.   This is why I was so interested in these products. 

     I checked out Inertia's website, after talking to my friend who had a device on his car and loved it!   I reviewed the different devices and then talked to several friends including  the guy that told me about the products.   I purchased the CVI- Economy, because it’s Inertia’s best product for gas savings.  I also love the fact that this product IS guaranteed and that my installation took under 2-hours.

     This device IS awesome!  It has made my Jeep run even better than when it was new.   My gas savings have been wonderful too!!  

     Below are examples of benefits that I've experienced:  

1. I've been able to commute all week and still drive the boys to weekend events - on a single  fill up.   Now, that’s NEVER happened before.   Normally, I need to fill up by Thursday.  But now, I get an extra 40-50 miles!  

2. Due to these savings I can easily tackle any other driving responsibilities without additional expense.  Now that's a real blessing. 

3. The boys and I normally vacation in Ocean City, Maryland or Virginia Beach, Virginia (a few times a year).  I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland so the trips to Ocean City are about 2 and a half hours and almost 4 hours to Virginia Beach.  Like most vacationers we load the car up; clothes, food and other equipment.   On two different occasions, the Jeep had five passengers and was loaded down.  Not only did it handle like a dream, but I purchased less gasoline on both trips (with the device), than when I had traveled to each destination (before obtaining it).   I'm telling you - the CVI-Economy is just AMAZING!!!  

Sincerely, J. Morris


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