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The CVI accelerator Performance


     My name is George H..  I own a 2007 GMC Yukon.   It  has a 5.2 L, V-8 engine with almost 320,000 mileage on it!  I've been a veterinarian that specializes in large animals for over 35-years.   So, my Yukon has  become my business’s workhorse.   This vehicle must be able to carry - not only all the supplies I need (on a regular basis), but also much of the emergency equipment that may be needed to save an animal.   As you can imagine, all that equipment and supplies are extremely heavy.  Not to mention that the SUV (alone) is over ten  thousand pounds.

        I heard about a device called the CVI Accelerator, from one of my clients.  He kept letting me know that the CVI device he had installed was able to give him better gas mileage and increase the performance on his 2014 Ford  F-150.   The examples he gave me were impressive.   He’s not a gullible individual (by any scene of the word) and he made it very hard for me to disregard his testimony.   I was intrigued.   He finally let me drive his Ford truck, so  I could experience what he'd been talking about. 

       The test drive took just under 75 miles (both highway and city).   I drove with the A/C on and the truck's merging power was great.   The truck flew up hills, with very little pressure on the gas pedal.  After the test we checked the gas consumption and it was phenomenal!   I was sold!   

       I was put in touch with a salesperson from Inertia Performance.   I informed him of my issues; like wanting better gas consumption and increasing the torque (to help push the vehicle up hills and out of ditches).  After reviewing several products, I ended up selecting the CVI-Performance unit.    I chose it, because it seemed to be the best device to address the issues and concerns I had with my SUV.

         I've had the device on for about 4-months and WOW!, it's doing a tremendous job!   Not only has the gasoline consumption gotten better, even more surprising, I've been able to purchase a lower grade of gasoline without negatively affecting the engine's performance!  The SUV's engine runs just as smooth on the lower grades than it had with the higher grade.  So, to me that's the biggest deal of all!  

       Whether I’m on short trips or long -  I'm seeing an average of between 50-60 miles more every fill-up.   It's great!  I've also noticed  improvements in power/torque even though it was an 8 cylinder.  

    My son, James, was pleased and intrigued with my results.  So, he just recently had a CVI-PRO installed on his 2010 Nissan 350Z.  He absolutely loves it!   On several occasions, he's mentioned to other family members and friends of the better gas mileage (that he's been getting) and he really loves the extra power.

     We just wanted to share our experiences  and highly recommend that you buy a device asap!   The company offers different CVI devices for almost any need.   It's a "Win-Win", Why?  Because every CVI unit comes with a "Guarantee!!”   So, how can anybody lose?

Respectfully, George and James H.


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