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Ford Performance Tweaks the Ranger

Many truck buyers are known for tweaking their pick-ups for hauling or other personal reasons. As Ford looks forward to getting potential buyers for its new pick-up, they're very excited to share this news with prospective buyers and lovers of pick-ups.

Ford Performance has customized two of the Ford Ranger trucks of 2019, and this was done in-house. They plan to have at least 150 parts and accessories ready for sale by the time the Ranger reaches customers in 2019.

Ford Performance started by announcing the 2018 Mustang GT that has a new set of mods.

Right now, it has discovered a great way to boost the Ranger.

Although, only Models of Rangers with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four engine can work with this latest development, and this changes the highest output to 320 horsepower.

Ford Performance came up with a new engine calibration to increase the engine to that level.

So, all you need to do is plug and update the software by downloading the updated version, and your truck will become more powerful than you imagine.

Tesla does this kind of thing for free most of this time, but you will be paying for this upgrade.

Aside from the increase in horsepower, the torque will also change to 355 lb.-ft.

An increase in this new calibration implies that the highest horsepower becomes 5500 rpm while the peak torque becomes 3000 rpm.

These new developments aren't advisable if you're using your truck for towing. However, it can be a great choice if you wish to drive faster and get something a little different from your former vehicle.

Another part of the new performance boost is the new shift schedule for the automatic transmission (10-speed).

If this upgrade interests you, visit a Ford dealership service department or an ASE certified shop, and you'll get your modified truck in no time.

You also get to enjoy a 3-year warranty on the new calibration and 36,000-mile warranty, and it will only cost you $825 to do this at Ford dealers. Getting your truck modified comes with many other benefits that you'll discover when you do so.

Other modified vehicles you can find at certified Ford dealers are the Project Ranger X and the Air design U.S.A Ranger. They take Ford's modified pick-up trucks to another level. In all, you will definitely be getting value for your money if you invest in the upgrade.


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