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Effuel Scam Reviews - Gas Saving Chip for Fuel Optimization?

This is an article I wanted to share with Inertia Performance's customers. Inertia’s products have many of the same positive effects on gasoline engines, without any of the potential negatives.

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Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) 

 November 03, 2020 

   There is a press release, dated October 28, 2020, concerning the device.  According to the press release, “Every person wants to have some concession on his or her monthly expenditure.  People are shifting towards innovative ways to control their expenditure every month and the most they prefer to save on is the food they eat outside, fuel for their car, and the amount they pay for electricity bills.  These are the things that tend to take up most space in the monthly budget. Fuel costs are rising day by day all around the globe because of the limited amount of fuel that the earth has.  This means that the budget of a middle-class family is getting disturbed and hence people are trying to get ways that can help them save fuel and money both.”

    Effuel is a device that claims to reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 25%.

    By installing the Effuel chip in your vehicle, you can purportedly pay less for gas while improving your vehicle’s efficiency.  The device is  exclusively available through

     Does Effuel really drop fuel costs by 25%?  How does Effuel work? Can a simple chip really boost fuel efficiency?  Find out everything you need to know about Effuel today in our review.

What is Effuel?

    Effuel is a chip that you install in a vehicle to reduce fuel consumption.

    By installing Effuel, you can save money at the gas pump without adjusting your driving habits. In fact, the chip claims to drop fuel consumption by up to 25%.

    Typically, any modern vehicle is already near-perfectly fuel-efficient.  A modern, fuel-injected gasoline engine is built to be as efficient as possible. In fact, it’s required by emissions laws.

    However, many drivers install performance chips to improve fuel efficiency.  These chips remap your vehicle’s ECU, adjusting settings to improve fuel efficiency and other metrics.

    The Effuel sales page is filled with customers who claim to have solved vehicle fuel efficiency issues using the device.

    One mechanic claims he has personally observed Effuel “improving my car’s fuel system.” Another person installed Effuel in his “gas guzzler” and claims the device “can easily save you hundreds at the pump each year.”

   Effuel doesn’t just improve fuel efficiency: the device also increases your vehicle’s torque and power.  According to the Effuel website, drivers can expect up to 35% more power and up to 25% more torque after installing the device.

How Does Effuel Work?

   Effuel is an electronic device you install in your vehicle to adjust its behavior.  The device is also known as an ECOOBD2 plug because it plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II interface.

   Effuel is part of a class of devices known as OB2 chips.  You can buy similar chips through Amazon and other retailers.

   Every vehicle made after 1996 has something called an electronic control unit (ECU).  This is the ‘brain’ of your vehicle. It monitors your car’s performance and optimizes the engine, among other functions.  In modern vehicles, the ECU is an advanced computer.

   You install Effuel, then drive approximately 150 miles.  Effuel learns about your vehicle and eventually collects enough data to  tune your car’s computer for lower fuel consumption.

   The Effuel chip can work on virtually any vehicle sold within the last 30 years.  All vehicles sold in the United States, Europe, and most other countries over the past 20 to 30 years have OBD II chips installed as standard features.

   Some of the specific advertised functions of Effuel include:

  • Save money at the gas pump.
  • Improve your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 25%.
  • Fight climate change and reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle.
  • Get up to 35% more power and up to 25% more torque.

Does Effuel Really Work?

    Effuel optimizes your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, just like a mechanic would optimize it.

   According to the  official website, you can expect a similar performance boost with Effuel as you would if using a mechanic.

    If you ask a mechanic to remap your vehicle, the mechanic will tune your vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency. However, this method is expensive and permanent compared to buying an OBD2 chip that remaps your ECU.

    In other words, the Effuel chip delivers similar ECU remapping benefits while being easy to remove.

   The Effuel will not damage your engine  or your ECU.  When you unplug the chip, it returns the vehicle to its default settings.

Effuel is part of a family of products known as OBD2 chips, OB2II chips, or performance chips.  You can find plenty of similar chips sold on Amazon for anywhere from $17 to $50.

As the name suggests, a performance chip is a chip you install in your vehicle to increase its power and torque.  Some chips can also provide a smoother ride and improved miles per gallon – like the Effuel chip.

The most common reason to install a performance chip is to increase horsepower, although many now install it for fuel deficiency.

Overall, performance chips genuinely work.  You’ll notice the effects on some vehicles more than others.  You can also find more reputable performance chip makers than Effuel at a similar price range, including high-end chips that could significantly impact vehicle performance.

Effuel Pricing

Effuel is priced around $40 per unit, although you can save money by ordering multiple units at once.  Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Unit: $39.98 + Shipping
  • 2 Units: $59.97 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Units: $79.96 + Free Shipping

Effuel Refund Policy

Effuel has a 30-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund in 30 days.

The company behind Effuel claims to be “so confident the Effuel works that we’re willing to offer this risky (for us) guarantee.”

According to the  official website, if you don’t save money with Effuel, you can request a complete refund within 30 days.

Who’s Behind Effuel?

Effuel is sold online through However, the makers of the chip provide limited information about themselves.  We don’t know where the unit is manufactured, for example.

Final Word

    Effuel is an OBD2 chip that claims to improve your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 25%.

    You install the Effuel chip in your vehicle, drive 150 miles, then enjoy significant fuel savings.  The Effuel chip also claims to improve your vehicle’s torque and power.  Like other performance chips, Effuel claims to affect vehicle performance in multiple ways significantly. 



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