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NASCAR Hall of Fame to cut down on inductees, changes in the selection process

NASCAR has decided that starting from the batch of 2021 it will take three inductees instead of five in the Hall of Fame. With the next class bringing in 58 members in all, the categories will be divided into two, contemporary stars and sport’s pioneers, with two inductions from the former and one from the latter each year. To be eligible for the modern era ballot, the individual’s career should have begun in the past 60 years, and they can stay up in the modern era ballot for up to 10 years; however, to be eligible for the Pioneer Ballot, the length of the career should either be at least 60 years or they should have remained in the Modern Era Ballot for ten years. Twelve representatives from the Honors Committee will be on the voting panel to make the inductions. These changes in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class aim to refine the whole process –to only have those on the committee who genuinely qualify for the position. It is imperative to uphold the standard that has been set and continue to maintain it, to have a process that is only dedicated to cherishing the iconic pioneers of NASCAR.


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