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TESTIMONIALS ON THE CVI accelerator Performance

My name is Josh. I’ve been a mechanic for over 25-years. I certainly know the difference between a “great” product and a “good” one. And for that matter, a “poor” product from a “bad” one. So please believe me when I tell you that CVI-Accelerator’s line of products - definitely fall into the “great'' category. Why? Due to the outstanding benefits you’ll receive by obtaining any of the devices they sell. Below are some of my personal experiences and some of the feedback from other satisfied customers.

I heard about the Inertia Performance company and its products from another automotive shop owner (and other friends of mine). Apparently, some of the Inertia company’s sales reps. had been promoting a “BETA” testing (time frame) to several shop owners - within my area. Three different shop owners contacted me about their offer. Each had already completed the testing period (of the device(s)) and were very impressed with the device’s capabilities. 

My business number was provided to a sales reps. and I was contacted with the same offer. I accepted. I must admit, I was impressed too! The different types of devices DID even more than advertised. All the shop’s vehicles that were tested had performed better and had substantially better gas mileage numbers.  So, I had two devices placed on my personal vehicles also, with the same results!

I drive a 2005 Subaru R-5 and my wife drives a (4-cylinder) 2008 Nissan Versa. Each of us was going to need a different type of device to enhance the overall performance of our cars. My wife chose the CVI-Performance for her vehicle, because she wanted a little more power along with the gas saving.   I selected the CVI-PRO, because I just wanted my car to be faster - much faster! I can honestly say that each device MORE than met our expectations! I definitely obtained greater torque and enhanced high-end performance. She received (both) more overall power and the gas savings. Which was truly what she really wanted. 

Before I provide a few quick testimonials, I just want to express my appreciation to the people at Inertia Performance LLC., for providing products that really work! Also for making them  extremely affordable to just about everybody!

B. Conway said, “I love that the CVI-PRO (with a switch) did for my 2010 Mazda 3. The car IS even more fun to drive, now that it has more torque (so my takeoffs are faster). The vehicle’s overall performance has been better and its gas mileage has even improved.’

Austin L. said, “I got a CVI-PRO for my 2007 Nissan 350Z.  What a wonderful product. The enhancement it provided to the vehicle was impressive; greater torque (in ALL gears), more power (on the high end) and I’m even getting better gas mileage. I would definitely tell anybody to buy it. It’s a great deal. I love it!” 

R. Burrows said, “It’s a wonderful product. I own a 2008 Ford Focus and a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500.   Both have a CVI-Performance device. Both perform better and their gasoline consumption IS noticeably lower.   My thanks to Inertia Performance! I’d highly recommend the CVI-Accelerator to anybody!"

So, to sum this up, all of the CVI-Accelerator’s devices can (and will) do a remarkable job of improving any gasoline vehicle's performance (almost immediately)!  Please note, that not only did our car's overall performance improve, but so have many other satisfied customers. And almost everybody that I’ve talked to or have heard from has confirmed that they’ve been saving at the gas pumps too!!

Sincerely J. Sutherland


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