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I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with a K&N Intake system and Magnaflow exhaust. With those upgrades I had noticed a substantial power increase with those upgrades. I had been looking for ways to increase power and response without actually going into the engine. I was told about a device that would give that extra boost I was looking for. I had it installed right away. When I drove my car again I did a series of tests that only I as the driver would notice. 1st thing was to turn my AC on and punch it. I noticed a difference immediately; My car drove like I didn’t have the AC on before the device was installed. 2nd, I turned the AC off and got on the highway and got up to 60 mph and gradually pressed the accelerator and noticed my car was pulling more aggressively.

As I passed car after car, I had a huge smile on my face and had to just punch it. For the first time since I had my car, each gear was red lining and pulling harder the faster I went. I was definitely pleased with my purchase and in fact should have done it a long time ago. The last thing I had noticed and to my surprise, I went from filling my gas tank 3 times a week to only twice a week and would only use a third of the second tank. Granted I was not speeding everywhere I was going but you don’t need to when you know you have the power there when you need it. So what this device did was cause my engine to run more efficient and give me power on demand. ”

Justin J.
Germantown, MD

I have a 1992 1.8 liter Acura Integra LS. I had the basic engine mods on my car already, headers, high-flown cat, custom exhaust, cold air intake, but I wanted more. I was told about the Inertia TX-2 over and over again, but to be honest, I was a skeptic about theTX-2 device. I mean how can this small simple device give me more horsepower and save you money at the pump. I purchased the Inertia TX-2 for performance, and because of a little curiosity. The gas mileage is always a plus especially now with the gas prices being extremely high. I had a friend who had the same motor and mods in a Honda CRX, which is a lot lighter in weight than a Acura Integra. Before the Inertia TX-2 he would beat me by about 2-3 car lengths.

The day I had the Inertia TX-2 installed. I followed him around the track and on the straightaway, Since this was a top speed run there wasn’t any excuse for driver error so this results of this run would only depend on the cars performance. To my surprise I had to let out because my car was accelerating way faster then his to the point I was about to run into the back of his car. I drove around for a month and I was so excited about the performance I forgot about the gas mileage aspect of the device. I realized that I was visiting the gas pump about 1-2 time less a week. I have to say I’m 100% happy with the Inertia TX-2 installed on my vehicle.”

Marcus .B
Glen Burnie, MD
1992 Acura Integra

I have an Inertia TX on my 1999 Isuzu Rodeo. MY daughter and I took a ride immediately after installation and with my daughter, who usually drives the SUV, behind the wheel noticed how it went up and over hills ‘smoothly’. In other words the Rodeo also response with less effort. Normally it slows down on inclines, which requires you to give it more gas to keep the same speed. Now it holds speed much better in any driving conditions. Another benefit of the Inertia TX is when the air conditioner is on, the SUV rolls along as though the a/c is not on and the engine response remains strong. Gas mileage has also improved, as long as my daughter drives normally. We’ve seen about 3 miles per gallon increase on gas and with a 21-gallon tank. That gives us around 63 miles more to a tank of gas. The way I see it every one should have the Inertia TX on every gas-powered engine.”

Roger H
Clarksburg, MD

I have a 1995 5.7L, 4WD Suburban with 132,000 miles. Installed on an older throttle body, non-vortex engine. Got 10-12 m.p.g. for a while and then down to less. Put on TX after a tune up and have to admit that performance is better than original. Lots of get up and go. Cruising with nearly a ton of sand and dirt in vehicle and able to get up to speed and then some in next to no time. Normally could send a letter to the end of the street and the letter would beat the Suburban there. Now with the TX - more pep, more effortless acceleration, coasting with the load added to my better gas mileage. Definitely made the old tank feel like a new vehicle again. Mileage increase with large load still increased by 10% - should be a lot more if I wasn’t doing warp factor (75+ mph) but it felt so easy and drove so smoothly.

Jim M.
Frederick, MD

I have a 1987 Toyota Truck that is four-wheel drive with an automatic transmission. It used to be extremely sluggish and downright dangerous to drive with the A/C running until I installed the Inertia TX power booster. The result has been truly amazing as my truck now has the power to safely merge into highway traffic or even pass other vehicles while run- ning the A/C on maximum. I’m so satisfied with the Inertia TX that I purchased a second unit for my 1993 Toyota Camry and was not disappointed. I’d highly recommend the Inertia TX to anyone looking to substantially increase their vehicle’s power and performance with one simple and inexpensive device.

Brian G.
Clarksville, MD

The Inertia TX has been a joy to have on my motorcycle and SUV. For starters, I own a 2000 Kawasaki ZX12r that I must say is already a very fast motorcycle and a pleasure to ride. With the addition of the Inertia TX-2 on my ZX12r, riding has been taken to another level......WOW! What I noticed right away is how my bike rolls down the highway effortlessly and when I turn the throttle at 40mph in 6th gear or 100mph in 6th gear the response is more aggressive acceleration than what I had before the Inertia TX was installed. It just wants to GO! This by far is the best upgrade for the money any one could add to their motorcycle. ”

Roger H.
Clarksburg, MD

I'm excited about the power and gas improvement that the TX device has giving my cars. I have an 88 Mazda pickup, and 94 Honda Accord with the TX's devices. Both cars are old however; they have improved mileage and spunk since the TX device installation. I've been experiencing more passing power and less fill ups. I have notice less trips to gas station per month, down from 8 to about 6 trips. That's great! The TX device quickly pays for itself. The 'bang for the buck' performance is great too. It feels great to know you have extra passing power and not burn all your gas doing it. The power is instant! The fun factor is a '10'. Your friends will wonder what did you do to your vehicle? I feel the TX device is good secret weapon against the big gas corporations regardless what they do.

I'm glad I have this TX device on my vehicles to help in this gas war and keep a fun factor in daily driving. ”

Q. Craven
Fort Washington. Md
88 Mazda B2200
94 Honda Accord Ex